Jasper Holland Co - Premium Mens T-shirt Brand with Tight Necks

Jasper Holland Co - Premium Mens T-shirt Brand with Tight Necks

I hate t-shirt necks that stretch and become loose and ruined after a couple of washes.

Hate. It.

And apparently the ladies don't like it that much either:

I mean I love to show off chest hair as much as the next guy but not when I'm wearing a t-shirt.

I always wear an undershirt, but I don't like my undershirt to be visible around the neckline.

So having a tight neckline on my tshirts is a must for me. I was always on the never-ending search for t-shirts that I would actually wear, and that could hold a tight collar.

To be sure, that was a very small group of tees.

That was the problem, t-shirt subject matter I would actually wear and hold tight around my neck after two washes.

When I created Jasper Holland my goal was to create a brand of t-shirts that were high quality but also kept a tight neck wash after wash.

To solve the first problem, I just wanted a brand of shirt I could proudly wear as a grown man that was clean and classy.

I live in Arizona where you can literally wear a t-shirt for about 11 months a year.

For about 6 months out of the year here a t-shirt is a must because of the heat. 

But I always feel weird wearing a t-shirt out on dates with my wife. 

We go out weekly and even though we've been married for almost 20 years I still do try and dress to impress her.

That has been hard to do with the current supply of t-shirts on the market.

Having been born and raised in Arizona I never became much of a surfer and lost interest in skating in the late eighties.

Also I don't necessarily want to dress like my teenage sons with a super-hero shirt all the time. 

Don't get me wrong, I love a good Captain America t-shirt (although I've never found one that fits right so I don't own any), but I am a grown man and sometimes just need a more "mature t-shirt" if that's not an oxymoron.

Why are surf/skate or comic book brands the only options?

I'm forty-one years old, but I still feel young, maybe too young. I love movies (I even wrote and directed a couple of feature films), I read fantasy fiction novels (I wrote one of those too), I even did my own version of Jason Bourne training just for the fun of it. I like to work out at the gym and I'll run about fifteen miles a week.  I drive a nice truck but to be honest I'm not much of an outdoorsman. I just love the truck.

My point is most of the time wearing a skater tee or a comic-book tee don't really fit who I am, and when you go down the list of options, boy is it limited for anything of any quality (unless you want to pay $50+ for a tshirt, which I don't).

Thus Jasper Holland was born. It's a quality t-shirt for grown-up men. A t-shirt that is classy enough to wear on dates with my wife and she can look at me and know I care enough to try.

We created professional designs that look great, but keep that casual feel that you want in a t-shirt. Our t-shirts also run a little slim so that they hug your arms and a little long so that they fit taller sizes as well.

To solve the tight neck issue I went on a quest to figure out once and for all how to create a flexible collar that had amazing bounce back properties. We tested many t-shirts and fabrics and settled on blend of ring spun cotton and polyester the hugs the neck beautifully and hides my undershirts wash after wash.

The collar comes out of the wash tight every time and the soft comfort of the t-shirt is unmatched.

The fabric is probably the softest you will ever wear in a tshirt and you'll never want to go back to wearing cheap tees again.

I like to think of our brand like this: If a comic-book t-shirt is the McDonalds of tees, then we are the Chipotle of t-shirts just without the lethal food poisoning (I know that was a low blow but I actually eat at Chipotle often). 

Side rant: Speaking of Chipotle, why do I always feel obligated to get rice and beans in my burrito? I don't want rice or beans in the burrito, it doesn't make it more enjoyable for me, in fact it makes me enjoy it less. And yet for some reason I always find myself feeling like I'm letting them down if I don't include the rice and beans. Maybe it comes from some deep recessed memory of my mom forcing me to eat lima beans as a kid. I really need to overcome this.

OK maybe comparing Jasper Holland to food isn't the right call.

Jasper Holland Co. is a t-shirt brand that is clean, classy and won't embarrass your wife if you wear it on a date.

That's our goal.

But this is our mission:

We believe in strong families as the foundation of society. And the best way to create strong families is to create strong marriages. It is our mission to promote weekly date night with your wife to keep the candle of your love for her burning brightly all the time.

We understand that once you are married it is so easy to fall into the "I don't need to impress her anymore" slump. 

Let me guess, when you guys go out it takes her 10x as long to get ready because she is actually trying?

I understand that you want to dress and feel casual. With Jasper Holland you can do that and still look classy with our date night t-shirts.

It truly is the best of both worlds.

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Top notch! Thank you, exactly the type of fit I’ve been in search of for a while! I’m a fan!

Brett Bailey

I found your site by looking for tight-necked t-shirts and I love the concept you have here. My main concern is the choices of colors for your shirts on your site. They seem to be all black, gray, or grayish-blue. I would love to see more robust colors while maintaining the subtle graphics and of course the fit.

I just ordered my first shirt from you, so I’m anxious to see how it fits.

Who knew that reading an article about T-shirts would be so interesting. My husband has the same problem with finding a T-shirt that both looks mature enough for his age and fits well. I’m glad I came across your site because we are definitely going to be ordering some of these in the future. Jasper Holland is definitely getting some recognition in this area thanks!

Who knew that reading an article about T-shirts would be so interesting! My husband actually has the same problem finding T-shirts that he likes and fit comfortable as well as look good over time. Your shirts have great designs for a a middle aged man and this is something he can definitely afford and would like! Jasper Holland is going to get some recognition in this area for sure.


I hate those overstretched T-shirts as much as you do, but when I wear something tight around the neck, I feel like I am getting choked. That’s why I also don’t wear ties when I don’t absolutely have to. You seem to have found a solution. Cool!


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